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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paddling on by...where IS that place?

Well Tuesday I didn't get to go to water therapy. We are so broke right now that we had to return the espresso maker to Wal-Mart to have the gas money to get to therapy. While my fiance was in Wal-Mart I called the Physical Therapy department at the hospital and they told them we'd be ten minutes late. So once we got on the road (the place where water therapy is held is a bit out of town) we couldn't find it. We drove and drove and finally I called again asking them for better directions. She told me that the therapist had waited half an hour and left. Dammit. I had realized how long we'd been searching for this place. So on the way back from the middle of nowhere we thought we slow down and find it so it would be quicker Thursday. We still didn't see it. Now I have three options: to believe that Jim and I are blind, that the place doesn't exist (or at least in this dimension), or the lady can't give directions to save her life. I'm hoping that it's the third one. So tomorrow I see both therapists. I see the psychological therapist (she's a MSW) around noon and the water therapist later that afternoon. I'd say busy day so I'll get some sleep but I know that isn't true...I just started a new book! :-)

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