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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Unbelievable events when trying to get "houseguests" out

Well, here is the update from talking to them.  It did not go good.  In fact I can barely imagine it going any worst.  Tiffany got very, very, very angry and started yelling at the top of her lungs at DH.  Mind you, this is all on the front porch where neighbors could hear.  Then DH got mad at started yelling back.  I walked out there and told them they had four fucking weeks to find a place to live.  Mind you, my therapist and Jim's therapist said they need to get out for our mental health.  Then Tiffany started screaming about how fucked up I was for SI (self-injury).  How on earth she knew about it I don't know.  I am just coming forth with this big, shameful secret I've carried with me for so long.  DH and Tiffany were screaming and I added some yells in there, too.  The only person who never yelled was Derick.  (I'm not sure if that is how he spells his name.)  Then Tiffany started screaming about how fucked up and mentally ill and crazy I am.  That hurt so deeply, so did her making fun of SI, which I've struggled with for so long.  SI can become an addiction for some people, and I am one of those people.  Then Tiffany called the police on us for trying to throw her out.  DH had told them before they called the police that they better get out now, rather than Friday.  DH was packing up their groceries for them.  Then two police cars came.  They told us that if we want them to leave we have to to before a judge and get them evicted because they are considered residents if they live there for over a week.  We had no idea about this Missouri law.  If we take them to court our landlord will find out and we will be evicted along with our two babies, our kitties Sterling and Niki.  We don't want to be homeless!  So we can't take them to court.  I went into the bedroom where I tried to calm down  because I couldn't stop crying.  I don't like people to see me cry.  So after a bit I decided to try to make peace and went outside on the steps and told them that I was sorry for saying I wanted them out since day one.  I kinda did mean it, but I told them I didn't and said it out of anger and I was sorry.  Derick said okay, but then Tiffany started jumping my ass for how dare I say that.  I apologized three times before I gave up and went back into the house while she was still screaming at me.  I went inside and put their frozen foods up that Jim got out and put into a bag when we were trying to kick them out.  I didn't want their food to spoil.  So then I went back to the bedroom because I started crying again.  While there I had bad flashbacks about my dad.  I cried and cried and once again I was weak and stupid and did SI.  Then I took a hot shower so that I could think and relax.  DH came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and said he had to go over to someone's house for a bit.  He told Derick that I'm afraid of Tiffany; she could so kick my ass and she is violent.  So while Jim left Derick stayed here so that she wouldn't be alone with me.  I truly am scared of her.  I hate living with someone I'm scared of.  Derick said he will try to get the situation fixed as soon as possible.  Derick is a pretty nice guy.  He's mellow, really smart, and overall a nice guy.  Tiffany I can't stand and am scared of. I still want them out.  I want them out so bad.  Now we have no way of getting them out since we can't go to court over it.  Why would someone want to live somewhere where they really aren't wanted?


  1. I don't have an answer to your question. But, I've seen it far too many times. Either the people really don't have options and don't want to be homeless or they really like taking advantage of people it seems.
    I've lived with someone I'm afraid of. It's horrible. I really hope they'll leave soon.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Exactly the reason we stopped renting the guest house after hurricane Katrina.... people could do what they wanted and you could not get them out. Here is a copy of MO law : Read it through. I saw a 30 day limit on oral agreements. Can you talk to your landlord and get their support? That you didn't make or have the right to make a rental or lease agreement? Try your best. You need to get these leeches out of there. This totally sucks that you even have to think of this stuff. I hope you get them out quickly. Whatever you have to do. I am so sorry yo have to deal with this right now. Patti

  3. Christ, what a mess. (((hugs))) Hope you get your house back soon. xx

  4. what a horrible situation, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I was to tell you not to do SI but I know that's really difficult when you're so stressed. Hugs, you're in my thoughts hun. I really hope they move out soon and your stress goes down


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