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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Once again, the uninformed arse strikes

Wow.  After that blog before last I received four comments.  That entry was very long and personal to write, and looking back probably wasn't a good idea to post online.  I published the first three comments but the fourth one I did not; it really made me angry and hurt my feelings.  The person who commented did not have enough guts to leave her or his name.  She or he stated that they are a medical professional and that they recognize my symptoms to be caused by a mental disorder.  As you can imagine, I was steaming mad and exceedingly hurt.  I was so hurt that I cried for quite awhile.  There have been so many times in my life that doctors have discarded all of my physical complaints and tried to pass it all off as mental illness.  I cannot say enough how hurtful that is, not to mention harmful to my health to ignore what is really wrong.  I know I'm not the only one who goes through this, many spoonies have gone through the same thing from doctors, friends, and family members.  I, for some reason, didn't expect to find those comments on my blog.  As my DH pointed out, my blog is open to anyone out there, not just the supportive community of spoonies I belong to on Twitter and Facebook.  For that reason I need to ready myself for comments not only from supportive friends, but also from people who don't understand what I am going through, don't care to understand, but are quick to judge things they don't understand.  As for the supposed nurse practitioner who commented the unpublished comment, please educate yourself on things you don't understand before you make false judgments.

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