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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I know, let's pick on the weakest ones!

Today is an incredibly stressful day.  Today Discover credit card is suing me.  I'm in too much pain to make it to court, plus they don't have wheelchairs at the courthouse that I know of.  If I tried to leave the house in this level of pain I'd be in a flare instantly.  It would be redundant of me to specify it would be "incredibly painful" flare, because all flares are "incredibly painful" flares.  Since it is a civil trial I actually don't have to show up.  It isn't like skipping out on criminal court that can land you in jail.  Basically I'll be told by the court to pay.  Why Discover card decided to go after someone on disability I'll never know.  I had a platinum card and 10 years of on-time payments before one year ago when finances started getting really rough.  Since then I've written letters, called them, and taken their calls.  More often than not the Discover representatives were so mean by the end of the conversation I was in tears.  One man got on to me for paying my electric bill before my Discover card bill.  I would also like to buy food, but we don't always have that luxury either.  I bet the Discover lawyer has no idea what it's like to go to bed hungry.  After awhile you get used to not eating, them BAM, it hits at once and you feel hungry and weak and crappy all over.  After that feeling subsides you feel back like yourself again.  I wonder how he looked himself  in the mirror that night when he brushed his teeth?  Maybe not everyone brushes their teeth before bed.  Hmmm...that is something to think about anyway.  <---trying to inject some comic relief into what is for me a very stressful situation

I'm in a lot of pain today, which I already mentioned.  I'm sitting on the bed typing and Sterling is stretched out in the sunlight on the foot of the bed asleep.  It really is cute.  Right now I'm reading five books.  I'm almost done with The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative Power by Rufus C. Camphausen.  I'm halfway through Dracula by Bram Stoker and almost halfway through The Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings by Raven Grimassi.  I feel like I've been reading PCOS: How to Regain Energy, Vitality and Hormone Balance by Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD forever but I'm only halfway through.  It's a bit of a boring book, but I think that PCOS and the hypothryroid are keeping me from losing weight at the rate I should be so I am trying to learn about them.  I have a book coming in from about PCOS and fertility.  The final book I'm reading is a lesbian romance by the name of Car Pool by Karin Kallmaker.
I am loving reading Dracula!

I really want to order these business cards and address labels from Vistaprint.  They are free and I only have to pay for shipping.  Pretty cool, huh? What with the stress going on and the pain I feel like crap.  I feel weak, and I hurt so bad.  I've been having to take breaks from the computer.  I wanted to make a nice present and mail it to my one of my bffs.  I met her through Facebook and she is a fellow EDSer.  Instead my hands hurt so bad I didn't get to make her a present, though I did get to make her a pretty card.  I feel bad that I couldn't make her anything for a present.  I really wanted to.

My brother-in-laws and the youngest's wife are still staying here.  I am afraid they will think I'm crazy or something with all my medical problems.  People generally don't understand.  For instance, when I iced my neck the other day BIL#1 asked if it was because I had whiplash at some time.  I told him no, I suspect Chiari or cranial instability, which can occur with Ehlers-Danlos.  Nah.  I told him about the time I really did hurt my neck, when I was bullied so bad Rosanna Sparks put me into a neck brace in high school.  I appreciate that both BIL#1 and BIL#2 are both considerate of my pain.  Speaking of pain...I'm gonna move the computer to the side in a minute and lay down.


  1. hugs hun, I hope you feel better. Pain is awful! I hope things with Discover work out better.

  2. Grrrrr... Credit cards! No worries sweetheart. You did your best thats all that matters. You have to live for crying out loud! They expect you to hand over your first born or something. They charge you unreal amounts of intrest and expect you to keep up. Heavan forbid if you miss a payment... Jerks! Thats why Islam forbids the use of Ribba(intrest) it is evil and no good comes out of it... Hugs to you!!


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