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Friday, February 11, 2011

Listen to the bunny!

Listen to the bunny!
IBS incredibly freaking sucks.  My body is so screwed up.  I usually have a hard time peeing, it usually takes five minutes to pee.  I think it has something to do with Chiari or cranial instability, or it could be pelvic prolapse.  I haven't had any children or a hysterectomy and I have the hypermobility type of EDS, so I don't think I am developing pelvic prolapse.  It is more common for the other types of EDS to develop pelvic prolapse.  Since the IBS is so freaking screwed up right now it is one of my main complaints at the moment.  Well, IBS and EDS are my main complaints.  EDS is always right at the top.

Today we woke up and Robert had left with all his stuff; he left no note.  DH and I considered Robert a friend, so it is incredibly hurtful that he did that.  I'm not saying we wanted him to stay longer, the whole idea was for him to stay long enough to get on his feet and get his own place, but he owed us a good bye at least.  We don't know if he is safe or where he is.  It hurts my DH really bad because he thought of Robert as a friend.  When someone hurts my DH they are on my shit list for their lifetime.  My DH has been hurt by enough people in his life.  I don't know if DH would let Robert come back if he wanted to, but I hold the strong opinion that once someone moves out they are out.  We now have "only" three other adults in the house besides DH and myself.  I am very angry at Robert for hurting my baby.  DH gave him a snowsuit and was very excited he was able to find someone to wear it.  Robert left it behind and that really hurt DH.  Like I said I am so very mad at Robert for doing this!

EDIT:  Robert just called and he's in jail.  So...I have no idea how we can help him.  It is for unpaid parking tickets.  Now I feel bad, so I wanted to add this edit.  


  1. Glad to hear that you don't think you have prolapse! It is by far one of the symptoms that causes me the most misery, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It's funny that, like you mentioned, this is supposedly one of the symptoms that is less common with EDS 3, and yet I suffer from it. They say the same thing about pregnancy complications, but I had those too. It really makes me wonder if they diagnosed me incorrectly!

    And a note about Robert... it doesn't seem to me that you should feel bad. He may be in jail now, but does that change the fact that he packed up and left without saying anything? Did he pack up and leave in order to go to jail? That seems kind of odd, it's not like he can take his possessions to jail with him.

  2. Apparently it was more than just unpaid parking tickets, but it wasn't a dangerous crime. It was for stealing an item worth less than $10 when he was drunk this summer. He talked to the police then and there was no warrant. He has a huge bail and will stay in jail until April. I feel bad for him, because he is a nice guy. It may not sound it from what I just wrote, but he has done some really brave things in his past that definitely qualifies him as a nice guy. As for his clothes all being gone, we don't know why. I thought my carer had the laundry all done (he has very, very few clothes so she doesn't mind adding his in). Perhaps all his clothes are dirty, I don't know. He was taking a walk looking for snipes (cigarette butts) so him and my brothers-in-laws could roll them into cigarettes. If you don't smoke don't start! I've never smoked a cigarette before, thankfully. So I suppose when he went out in the middle of the night looking for snipes the police stopped him, saw there was a warrant out for him, and arrested him. I do feel bad for him, but now this raises other questions. Does my DH and Robert expect us to let him live here when he gets out in April? I think Robert is a nice guy, but that doesn't mean I don't want my house back with my DH! We are going to have plenty to talk about in the next few days. We'll also see how things work out. His sister had a baby the day he went to jail and she is trying to raise bail money for him.


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