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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy post time!

Well, today I'm bringing you the happy post I mentioned before, and guess what?  It's interactive!  For this blog post I am depending on my readers to leave comments.  Read on and you'll see why.

I was walking down the street when a magical fairy tale princess gave me a check for one million dollars.  Of course, I immediately cashed my fairy tale check at The Not-so-nice Stepsisters' National Bank.  I find myself wondering, though...what would I do with my one million dollars?  These are my ideas:

$   500  Old Navy & Kmart--clothes for me & DH
75,000 EDS Research
10,000 to move out of state (yippee!)
25,000 nice down payment on a house!
 10,000 put some away for my sister
25,000 put away for having a baby/child
25,000 child's college fund
20,000 should cover every bill and then some!
20,000 split between my brother-in-laws
45,000 to go towards building & maintaining proper shelters for the homeless here in town
10,000  two 5K scholarships for disabled low-income students from the high school I went to
10,000  on converting a room in our new house into a library & filling it in with even more books
10,000 electronics
20,000 split four ways between DH and mine best friends

...this is harder than it looks.  I still haven't spent all my enchanted princess money!  So, blog reader, your mission, should you chose to accept to write out some of the things you would buy with a million dollars given to you by a magical fairy tale princess.  On your ready.  Get start.  Go!

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  1. I would just like to be current with all bills. I have a few medical bills that need to be covered, my taxes I need to pay off this year and a couple of old credit card debts that need taken care of. Then I would be caught up and happy :-)


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