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Friday, June 3, 2011

Quack doctors, gardening, my thyroid, and fatigue

Today was my Cardiologist's appointment at University Hospital.  About 45 minutes before we left DH started having a seizure.  Over the next fifteen minutes he had two more seizures, and I called and cancelled.  He feels really guilty because he feels like it's his fault we didn't go.  I tried to tell him it wasn't his fault, but I'm not sure if he believes it.  You don't schedule seizures, they don't happen on your time, and they often happen have really bad timing.  I haven't had a seizure in about a month so I'm doing great there.

DH has a bad sinus infection that I think is causing his increase in seizures.  He once had a cat-scan to find why his seizures had increased and the neurologist had discovered infection in his brain.  It had started with his sinus infection getting worse and worse and then the infection just spread.  One fourth of his brain was completely whited out on cat-scan because it was full of infection.  That's not something to mess around with, but who does he see to get rid of his sinus infection?  There is only one clinic in town that accepts Medicaid and they make it a point to treat people like shit because it is the "poor people's" clinic.  I mean why should us poor people need people to treat us decently anyway?  Besides that, they honestly don't know anything.  I knew more after taking all the science classes in high school than the doctors, nurses, and PAs know at this place.  He's allergic to penicillin, too, and I don't trust this clinic to not give him some.  So where does he go to get it taken care of?  That's the reason he still has the infection.  If a doctor would just accept Medicaid patients then he could be seen and get well.  Right now we don't know what to do.

I'm sorry I've been absent from my blogging a lot lately.  I've been writing a lot of pen pal letters, the only ones I have left to write are Kelly in Belgium, Francesca in Italy, Júlia in Brazil, and Jamie in Arizona.  Today I've taken a brake from writing.

I have been doing a little gardening in my container garden.  I'm growing five types flowers, morning glories,  tomatoes, and we bought some peppers to plant.  Oh, and we bought cucumbers to plant, too!

I have found a swelling in my neck that feels hard when you touch it.  It's where my thyroid is, judging by the pictures I looked up and thinking back to where they ultrasound my neck.  I don't see my endocrinologist again until August.  I already had swelling on the right side of my thyroid, two or three nodules on it, and one nodule on my parathyroid.  He said it is unusual to have nodules on both the thyroid and parathyroid, but I am the woman who wrote the book on unusual! I also want to ask him about a lump I have behind my ear.  It has been there at least five years, probably longer, and it feels a little bigger than it was.  I asked a doctor once at the clinic I mentioned earlier about it once and without looking at it he said not to worry it would go away soon and did this patronizing little laugh.  Ummm...hello?  It's been there for years, now it's going to disappear at the command of some quack doctor?  Asshole.  He could have at least looked at it.

I've been so incredibly tired all day.  I slept the majority of the day and I'll have no problem sleeping tonight.  I don't know what the deal is.  I guess it's just the EDS and fibro fatigue.  That right there is enough to knock anyone over!  Well, speaking of being tired...I hope you all have a great night...or if you are reading this during the day...have a great day!

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