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Sunday, November 6, 2011

When a writer gets brain fog...

I haven't checked my email in a week and haven't logged into facebook all day, because I was asleep.  If I don't get my hair cut soon...I feel like screaming!  I am so sick of it being so long.  I want to cut it off even with the bottom of the bra.  Right now it has tons of dead ends and reaches my butt.  It is driving me insane.  

The writing I've done in my new class has been too easy so far.  This tells me that I'm not doing it right, because it should take more time than it takes me.  I just can't seem to make it any better.  Usually my mind is full of ideas when I write, but lately my brain goes blah, when I try to write.  DH cleaned out the garage the other day, I'll write about that later, because he found something horrible and I don't feel like crying right now.  If I write about it, I will definitely cry.

I actually don't have any doctor's appointments this month at University Hospital.  I'm happy about that.  I slept all day so I'm wide awake now.  I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight still, because otherwise I'll be up all night and sleep all day again tomorrow.  I can't stay up when I get sleepy because I fall asleep sitting up.  It hurts my neck when I do that, too.  Right now the kitties are napping and DH is sleeping.

I'm pretty nervous at how easy my class has been so far.  I think about it a lot.

I haven't had any dislocations in awhile, just subluxing joints.  We've been watching "King of the Hill" every night on Netflix together.  Before that we watched all the "Family Guy" episodes, before that it was "Reno 911."  I really enjoy spending time with DH every evening, cuddled on the couch watching Netflix.  

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