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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cough, cough

I have done a ton of cleaning over the past few days.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't flare.  Over the past four weeks, I've had one flare a week, sometimes lasting two days, and sometimes lasting one day.  They have been short in length but they happen often.

I've got a horrible cough now, I have been coughing since I woke up this morning.  Yesterday I coughed some, and the day before that a little.  I hope I'm not getting a cold or something, because they often send me into a flare.  My nose isn't runny, thankfully, it's just a really sore throat and a dry cough, but I do occasionally cough up yellow gunk.  Eww!  I've been reading online what to do for a cough and two pages suggested drinking chamomile tea, so I'm going to do that in a minute.  I think it is mainly to soothe the throat, which sounds just fine.

DH's surgeon's appointment is upcoming, but on the same day as my doctor appointment.  We have to reschedule one or the other, I want to reschedule mine.  DH's first appointment with his surgeon is my priority.  He has a horrible inguinal hernia that needs surgery very soon.  I'm very, very worried about him.  It's bad enough that if he doesn't hold his guts in while he coughs his skin balloons up and starts gurgling where the bowel is.  He does it a lot when he coughs in his sleep and it really scares me.  It took a couple weeks of that before I convinced him to see a doctor.  Now I have to convince him that his doctor appointment is much more important than mine right now.

I've decided to start eating healthy again this year.  When I was single I ate very healthy, and was at my perfect weight.  Now I can no longer jog, I've gained weight, and I eat too much junk food.  That has to change!  My first goal is to lose three pounds in the month of January.  Weight comes off much slower when you can't really do cardio workouts.  I don't believe in fad diets, because they are so bad for your health.  I've lost 100 pounds before and I know what I have to eat to make the weight come off.  For me, high fiber and low fat is the trick.  I've decided to make monthly weight loss goals, like my three pound goal.  We even got batteries for the scale, so I can weigh myself once a week and keep track of it.

My dry cough is turning into a productive cough. Now I'm coughing up icky yellow stuff every time.  Like I said before...ewww!  Well, I do believe my DH is home, so I am going to spend some time with him.

Take care!

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  1. Lady of the Ozarks,
    I came across your video blog about your HEDS diagnosis. I have it too. I have POTS and GI problems too. But I am rarely in pain because I am on a gluten and dairy free diet. Your laundry list of health issues makes you a virtual poster child for gluten intolerance! I assume someone tested you for celiac disease and you came up nagative. But that's not enough. ALL of your conditions are tied to gluten intolerance. I was headed for RA, Lupus or worse and REVERSED my condition after 1.5 years on the diet. Please consider it if you want to start feeling better. I felt better within DAYS. {{Hugs}}


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