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Friday, December 23, 2011

Good morning!

Yesterday was the winter solstice, so that means from here on out the days will be getting longer and the nights will be getting shorter.  It was also the first day of winter, so here on out we can now say we are having winter snowstorms, next time it snows, that is.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I'm so excited.  This is our kitty Katya's first holiday season.  So far she loves Christmas.  She's been playing as much lately as any time, which is a lot, so I'm taking that to mean she loves Christmas.  Right now she is sitting on the couch near me cleaning her face and paws.  Her and Niki are best friends now, and her and Sterling also get along great.

I am in the middle of my regular morning routine, which is:

  • Wonder how I could have slept on my shoulder/neck/ knee, hip, etc. so wrong to make it hurt so bad
  • Make DH some coffee
  • Pick up each kitty and kiss them
  • Take turns with DH on watering and feeding the kitties
  • Wash my face
  • Brush my hair
  • Get my Pepsi Max (I think I'd die without it)
  • Check gmail
  • Check Twitter
  • Check Facebook
  • Fill out my sponsored tweets of the day
  • Put on either wrist braces or arthristis gloves
  • Put on Oval-8s (finger splints)
  • Wonder again how I could have slept on my shoulder/neck/ knee, hip, etc. so wrong to make it hurt so bad
  • Take Aspirin if the pain is too much
  • Wish I didn't take Aspirin because my heartburn then stomach upset is almost immediate
  • Rub Aspercreme on most needed small area body spots, as needed
  • Make a cup of tea - two Splendas
  • Make an entry in my pain journal
  • Wonder again how I could have slept on my shoulder/neck/ knee, hip, etc. so wrong to make it hurt so bad
  • Take my meds
  • Eat crackers
  • Take my vitamins
  • Eat breakfast when I don't feel sick to my stomach

I'm about halfway down my morning routine list now, but I'm already sleepy.  Today my pain levels are pretty high, so I'm going to probably be messing around online to try and bring them down some.

Yesterday I entered a lot of blog contests, I'll probably do the same today.  I worry that people will get pissed at me for all the contest posting on Twitter and Facebook.  I really hope they don't, but I have to do the posting to get more entries.  Well, I do believe I'll be off to the blog contests now.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! 

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