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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Painful legs, lumpy arms, and a Pinterest addiction

I know I haven't blogged a personal entry in awhile, it's mainly been Behind the Blogger Challenge entries.  So, here I am, sipping Lady Grey tea and watching the kitties as they fall asleep.  I have a lot of cleaning to do today, as well as laundry, but I'm not sure how I'll do it.  Lately when I stand my legs shake and they hurt incredibly bad.  The shaking gives me the constant feeling that I'm falling.  They've given out on me a few times in the last few days.  I don't know what the sudden deal is, but whatever it is, I wish it would stop.  I don't know whether it is EDS related, POTS related, or fibro related...or a combination of them all.

I've also noticed that it's become second nature to me to keep my elbows in all the time and not raise my arms up from my side.  I can raise them directly in front of me or behind me, but not to the sides without incredible pain.  Keeping my elbows in lessens the pain a great deal.  I do worry about losing mobility in my shoulders, though.  I wonder if eventually my muscles won't work to lift my arms like that, but if I try to lift them in that position I can hurt for a long time, sometimes even days.

Something I noticed a few months ago are the huge knots in my arms.  If I run my fingers down my arms I can feel knots the size of quarters all up and down them.  I think they are really bad trigger points, since I also have chronic myofascial pain.

I've become addicted to Pinterest, thanks to my best friend.  I absolutely love it, it is so much fun.  I have a huge board on things that matter to me and another huge one on clothes.  I don't have the style of clothes I like (swishy hippie skirts and such) but I would love to buy some.  First DH needs clothes, they are all worn through.  It's been two years since I bought new clothes, but it's been longer for him.  We are going to go to Salvation Army and the other charity here in town and get clothes vouchers so we can get some clothes.  Hopefully they will have some swishy hippie skirts!

Okay, I just took some Bayer Aspirin, so hopefully it will kick in soon and relieve some of the pain in my legs.  I'm also considering putting on my knee braces.  I just don't know if it would be harder to walk because they are heavy, or make it easier with the support.  They are very supportive and heavy duty.  I got them off of Amazon because Medicaid and Medicare do not pay for braces or splints.  I also got my new Oval-8's off of Amazon, and still owe for my original ones.  Most of what I wear are original ones, but some have replaced because my fingers are thinner since I lost weight and I've also lost some.  I also bought some for my thumbs, which didn't have Oval 8's on them to begin with.  I bought two each month until I had what I needed.  Now my pointing finger is getting smaller and it needs a smaller size because it slips off.  They are so easy to lose but are semi-costly to replace.  When you don't have any money, or very little money, though, they are very costly.

Well, I think I'll try on my knee and ankle braces now.  Wish me luck!

Putting on my knee braces

My ankle braces. They are getting kind of stretched out.

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