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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 2

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge

Day 2: How have these illnesses affected your life?

30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge
30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge

This is a huge question. When it comes down to how my chronic illnesses have effected my life, it's impossible to compare the effects on one illness from the other. The effects of mental illnesses can't be separated from the effects of my physical illnesses, as both effect the whole body, including the brain.

During a normal day my mobility is greatly limited by my pain, dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. Well over half the time I use a cane to get around my house, and a small portion of the time I use a wheelchair that DH has to push. Because my wrists are weak and the ligaments are loose, I can't push myself. Taking a shower is an ordeal, so I only shower every other day. I use a shower chair, and can't take a hot shower or I'll pass out. Just standing up in the shower from my chair can be dangerous and cause me to pass out, especially if the water is warm or hot. Holding my arms above my head to shampoo my hair is painful and makes me dizzy.

In the morning sometimes it can take me two hours to finish my morning routine of washing my face, dressing, putting on my braces/splints, moisturizing my very dry skin, and taking my meds. I'm supposed to do my lightbox every morning as well, though I am bad at forgetting it. Both "brain fog" and side effects from my meds make it hard to remember doing things. I makes lists of lists, and I'm serious about that. It's the only way I can remember to do things that I would otherwise forget to do.

Most mornings I can't stand up in the bathroom long enough to wear makeup even if I wanted to, so on days I wear makeup I usually put it on in the afternoon. By then the muscle stiffness and morning muscle spasms have either gotten better or gotten a lot worse, in which case I wouldn't be able to wear any makeup. I got a lighted mirror sent to me for review on a different website, I'll see if that helps me be able to do my makeup in the living room where I can be seated, instead of standing in the bathroom.

I have a hard time cooking or baking, as I can't stand long or stay in any position for very long. I can't drive because I can't hold my hands up on the wheel, or push the gas or break pedals without a lot of pain. This is depressing, as it takes away my independence and puts more stress on DH.

On days I'm depressed I can't really do much of anything. I don't even want to exist when I'm very depressed. Meanwhile, if I'm manic it seems like I'm purposely trying to destroy my life. Anxiety is always there, caused by both dysautonomia (my autonomic nervous system is messed up), suffering chronic and unrelenting pain, and mental illness.

My life is effected in every aspect by my chronic illnesses. 

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