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Friday, April 29, 2011

Last day of Physical Therapy

I have now completed my two months of physical therapy.  I was in too much pain to do anything today in the gym, but she did a lot of indirect releases and some massage on my neck.  I feel a lot better as far as pain goes.  It is no coincidence that the weather outside is sunny, springtime weather.  We had days of rain which translates into days of pain.  I took a nap today and it helped even more.  The fatigue gets as bad as the pain, but it didn't used to.  I'm nervous about physical therapy ending.  I want to keep moving forward, but my EDS will only let me move so far ahead before it just won't let me anymore.  I have pen pal letters I've been trying to write for days, but I keep injuring myself after only writing half a letter.  Then I have to wait for the injury to heal until I can type long enough for a letter.  It's quite annoying!  I wanted to share this picture.  I put the words on, and found the picture of the rainy day on Photobucket.

Rainy days are painful days when you have chronic pain
Very true!

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  1. Can you get a new PT referral?

    Now that the snow is gone I'm trying to decide what body part to ask for PT for (I have to pick.) Currently it seems to be down to neck, shoulders, or hips. I might have to pick which shoulder or hip I want the PT for, I'm not sure. It's a bit frustrating that I can't get whole body therapy but at least I can get multiple referrals. Once I had a referral for balance/walking safety. That was the most general it ever got. Although with the price of gas I may not ask for the referral at all.

    It may work differently where you live, I don't know. Plus, Medicare & Medicaid coverage guidelines for PT can be hard to understand.


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