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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Made appointment with cardiologist

Today I made my appointment with my cardiologist for my follow up.  I also made my appointment for my endocrinologist follow up and requested a new script for blood work. I was a little surprised to learn that I haven't been to my endo since 2009.  Once I go to the cardiologist the next day I plan to start on the search for an answer to my mystery dx, starting with finding a neurologist familiar with Chiari.  I don't want to think about it too much right now.  As for the moment, I'm proud of myself for making the appointments.

Just to make you smile ;-)

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  1. Good for you!
    I'm not sure if I should even both investigating Chiari, tethered cord, and spina bifida. From the research I've done there are no recommended surgeons in New Hampshire so if I found out I do have a Chiari there won't be a good way to get it repaired. Yeah, I'm sure there's a neurosurgeon in the state but my understanding is that especially with EDS I don't really want just anyone doing the repair.
    Maybe I'm being overly cautious because of my fear of surgery. Who knows. If this neck pain, headaches, and other stuff continues I might not have a choice to at least have it investigated.


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