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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pain Journal: Week of Thurs May 12 to Wed May 18

Wake - pain too bad to get up for 1 hour after waking 8/10
Afternoon 4:30 pm - rectal pain, leg, shoulder, neck, back, hips pain, headache 7/10
Evening 6:16 pm - 7/10
Nighttime 10:00 pm - ice on neck, laid down, and crying 8/10

Wake - very stiff, legs especially painful, brain fog
Afternoon 12:45 pm - severe neck pain, Biofreeze on neck, drank 1 ginger tea 8/10
Late Afternoon - very severe neck pain, ice, laid down, 9/10

Wake - stiff, legs hurt, neck hurts, especially when I turn my head 7/10
Evening 5:15 pm - after nap back, between shoulder blades, arms hurt 6/10

Worst 5:00 pm - pain in shoulders, arms, neck severe, ginger tea, tramadol, biofreeze, quick dissolve aspirin, went to nap 9/10
After nap 9:30 pm - 6/10
Supper 12 midnight - 7/10
1 toe dislocation

Wake - very stiff, thighs, knees, calves, hips, feet, ankles, toes hurt *missed last night's meds 8/10
took nap today
coughed and saw stars
1 toe dislocation for at least 4 hours before I noticed it at bedtime when I took my socks off

Wake - slept on left shoulder wrong (with it above my head), pain in both shoulders, legs, upper & mid back, radiating down arms 8/10
Afternoon 2:11 pm - spasms in back, mid-back is worst and upper back spasm 7/10
Afternoon 2:19 pm - head is radiating pain from neck, mid-back, shoulders, upper back, vaginal pain 8/10
Afternoon 2:23 pm - blacking out from pain, losing consciousness, 10/10
Bedtime - 8/10 to 9/10
in bed from 2:19 pm until the rest of the night, couldn't move from pain and fatigue

Wake - hurt all over, almost a 9/10, but barely still 8/10
Afternoon 2:37 pm - neck, legs, back, hands, arms, breasts, headache 8/10
Afternoon 3:14 pm - all over pain, vaginal pain, very bad, could be worse 8/10
Evening 6:22 pm - 9/10
Evening 8:17 pm -  after nap 8/10
Bedtime 11:45 pm - neck, ankle, knee, elbow, shoulders, wrists, mid-back, arms, lower & upper back 8/10

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