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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A warrant for a leprechaun, a warning for abused partners, and an ethical, yet horrible saleswoman

It's amazing what changes a really good sleep and a reduction in pain can bring about.  Right now, at least, I feel "back to my old self again."  I've even decided to start seeing my therapist again for my C-PTSD, too.  I think it will help, but it is really hard work.

...Okay I'm all shook up now.  The sheriff just came to the door after knocking super hard and about giving me a heart attack.  He wanted to know where Robert was.  He's the guy we had living with us who turned out to be a dangerous prick and we kicked out after he got out of jail.  We called Robert a leprechaun because he's short with bright red hair, and tricky.  Robert even threatened my BIL's life once with a knife, to give you an idea of his character.  It's scary that he was living with us all that time and we didn't know what type of person he was.  I mean he was not a nice guy, like we thought he was.  We had let him live here after only meeting him a few times because he was being abused at home and we couldn't bear the thought of him being abused or being in a homeless shelter when he's such a little (in stature) guy.  We always called him "a good kid" when talking about him, but we were so wrong.  I told the sheriff where I think Robert was, but I don't know for sure.  To tell the truth I could care less where Robert is.  The sheriff was really rude because I wouldn't come outside.  I'm in my nightie.  It's a pink and white with ribbons and lace nightie...not the type of thing I want anyone else, much less another man and all my neighbors, to see!  Then while I was talking to him through a crack in the door Niki was trying to get out.  I was so embarrassed!  He could obviously see I am in my nightie (no one is home but me).  I had left the matching robe undone since no one is here but me.  How embarrassing!!!!  I may be very liberal in politics, but in a lot of ways I am very conservative, like the way I dress.  So I'm still pretty much mortified.  I feel like I answered the door naked!

I have made my appointments for my doctors/therapists.  They are as follows:

Dr. Z - cardiologist              @ University Hospital     Fri 29 Jul 2011             2:20 pm
Dr. G - endocrinologist        @ University Hospital    Thur 04 Aug 2011         2:00 pm
D.D., NP - rheumatologist   @ University Hospital    Wed 17 Aug 2011         3:00 pm
J.H., MSW - therapist         @ in town                      Mon 22 Aug 2011         3:00 pm
J.H., MSW - therapist         @ in town                      Wed 07 Sep 2011         3:00 pm
Dr. P - psychiatrist              @ town 30 miles away    Tues 13 Sep 2011         1:30 pm
J.H., MSW - therpaist         @ in town                      Wed 14 Sep 2011         2:00 pm

I just have to keep all my appointments now.  That means I have to have a running car, money for gas, not be in a fibro/EDS flare, and Jim or me cannot have a seizure.  That's a tall order, and that's why I have been rescheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling.  I really, really am trying to get there, and Jim and I are determined to get to all my appointments this time!  After I see my cardiologist, endocrinologist, and rheumatologist I am going to start looking for a new neurologist.  I want a neuro who takes me serious and will investigate my suspicions of Chiari.

I do have some bad news, though.  I was really hoping that I'd get a large cut of student loan money to live on when I start school again.  That would help catch us up with our bills so much.  I must admit, I already had plans for it.  I just found out today they will give me enough to purchase a new computer after paying books, fees, and tuition, and that is it.  I would get a few thousand extra if I lived there but since I am taking classes online apparently I don't need more student loan money to live off of!  So that's more than an annoyance, but I'm taking it in stride.

I'm still trying to sell AVON, but haven't sold a single item yet.  That's incredibly annoying and I must say it kinda knocks at my self-esteem.  I'm really not a good saleswoman.  Most of my friends online are disabled with EDS.  I tend to say "I'm selling AVON, but I won't ask you to buy because that would be unethical.  I know how much you are struggling financially because so are Jim and myself."  You don't sell products that way, but at least my ethics are intact.

Well, more bad news.  I just heard that a lady we know has an arrest warrant issued because she didn't pay a ticket (that she never got!) for...get this...having her grass too tall.  WTF is the wrong with our country?  When the sheriff was here I knew I couldn't go outside even if I was dressed.  Why, you ask?  Because in this country, or at least this state, the police don't have to have a reason to arrest you.  They can arrest you and hold you 24 hours without a reason, but no longer than 24 hours.  I was afraid he thought I was "harboring a criminal" and would want to arrest me, even though if I knew where Robert was I'd give the sheriff his address.  The dude threatened my BIL's life with knives and threatened to kill anyone he's ever loved, including his and Jim's mother, who Robert didn't know, but had died a week earlier and they were still very much mourning her!  As far as I'm concerned that fuck is evil.

Oh, something else I want to mention about the cops around here.  If there is a domestic violence dispute and they are called, they arrest everyone, including the person the violence was directed at.  What does this teach abused partners?  Do not call the police if you are beaten because you will be arrested.  What a fucking wonderful injustice justice system we have!
If she called the police in my county she'd be sitting in jail instead of the hospital

Now for the good news.  I've lost weight.  I've lost 19 pounds!!!  I'm really excited about it.  I've been losing weight slowly since January.  If you lose it slow it is more likely to stay off.  So here's to a skinnier me!


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