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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally...alone time!

I added a new section to all of my blogs, this one (Survivor), Smart Fibro Chick, Please Tape Me Back Together, and Pagan Spoonie.  It's called "What I'm Reading Now:" and it is a list of the books I'm currently reading.  I forgot until it was recently pointed out to me, that most people read one or two books at a time.  I've just always read a lot of books at the same time.  I think it's because I get bored easy and I don't have a problem keeping characters or information straight.  Anyway, I've had the list up for a day or two and already edited it once when I finished one book and started another.  So it's something I'm going to keep up to date on, so my readers can see what I'm reading.

This morning I woke up before Jim and tried to quietly leave the bedroom to go the bathroom.  Once I entered the bathroom, our Niki kitty charged in like a speeding bullet and jumped into the tub.  That's what she has been doing lately; she runs into the bathroom and jumps in the tub.  Then she plays on my shower chair.  Everything is a toy to her and it warms my heart watching her.  She's so happy all of the time.  Since everyone left and it's just me and Jim, Sterling has been happy, too.  He's been running around again, jumping on things, "kitty boxing" with Niki, and sunning himself lazily in the floor.  It's almost like having everyone gone (finally) shaved 5 years off of his age and now he's young again.  He hasn't even peed on anything since it's been just Jim and me.  I am so happy to see Sterling active again.  When he isn't active, he cuddles up with Niki.  She sleeps more than him, now.

Guess what?  I have lost 19 pounds and I can now fit into a shirt I haven't been able to wear for over a year!  Yay!  I am really excited about that.  I hope that soon I can fit into a pair of jeans a size smaller than what I wear now.  That would be so awesome!

We are in the process of cleaning the living room and kitchen from top to bottom.  Things are spread out everywhere.  Jim cleaned the bathroom and I finished it by organizing (and throwing away) stuff on the shelves, counter, and under the sink.  I finished cleaning the bedroom yesterday.  I need Jim to pull nails from the wall where we hung our Christmas decorations and left them there.  After we finish the living room and kitchen we are going to start on the room my BIL slept in.  That will be one hell of a job.  Either way, we are getting our house clean after so long with people messing it up.  Once we get everything clean we are going to concentrate on the carpet.  Between Sterling's hairballs staining the carpet (yes, we clean it, it just stains) and other people living here dropping stuff on the carpet, the whole thing looks like crap.  Oh, you have to add in six people tracking in snow, dirt, mud, etc.  My aide vacuumed this winter when they were all here, but the rug needs a shampooer.  Because my new aides did nothing (so I finally cancelled them) all of our laundry was dirty.  I mean all of it.  So, I washed all of our laundry and have it folded and put away.  The only stuff left is a load in the dryer and a load in the washer.  So, we've got plans, baby, and stuff happening! 

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