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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I've started a food diary/pain journal

We've got the desk semi-cleaned and now I'm back at the desk.  I'll be using my computer here for awhile, until it hurts too bad to sit in a seat.  Then I'm back to the couch until the couch hurts so bad I can't sit on the couch because of lack of support.  At this moment I'm at my desk, with my legs crossed.

I've been keeping a food and pain journal.  Each page is divided down the middle.  On the left of the page I list what I've eaten that day, and on the right side of the page I describe my pain levels.  I have been describing in words my pain, along with number ratings for my neck and for overall pain.  I hope that I can start sensing a trend by doing this.  I've noticed that it makes a huge difference if I forget my meds.  Also, I've been able to glean that the weakness I've felt over the last three days is getting progressively better.  It won't go away-I just mean that I can stand up without shaking and my knees feeling like they are going to buckle underneath me.

I've also noticed a trend without charting my food.  I didn't have to chart it to realize that I am basically living off of high fiber cereal and whatever else can be prepared instantly.  I can't cook because of pain and my normal weakness, neither can DH at night, because he's been having seizures every night.  If we don't eat in the evenings we either don't eat or we eat something like cereal.  We need to eat earlier in the evening, so that we can get something nutritious, and not just cereal.  I'm sure we'd both feel better.

My food diary/pain journal
The kitties are sleeping and it is so cute.  Niki is all cuddled up in a corner next to Mommy's desk.  Sterling is sleeping away in his pink kitty bed.  I was able to get pictures of them without waking them up.  Enjoy!

Sleeping Niki

Sleeping Sterling

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