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Monday, January 28, 2013

Breaking Writer's Block

I hate to say it, but I've had writer's block for the past few weeks or so.  All my blogs have suffered, which includes Please Tape Me Back Together, Smart Fibro Chick, and my spirituality blog.  I finally decided the best way to get rid of my writer's block is just to write, and see what happens from there.

I love this picture, I don't look as pale in it as I usually do.  I got a cool catalog in the mail today.  It's called "The Stitchery" and it says "featuring Counted Cross Stitch."  Awesome!  Now I want to get more craft catalogs!  I'm sure Lion Brand yarn has to have a catalog and probably Red Heart yarn, well as Hobby Lobby.  I like to do cross-stitch, and sometimes embroidery.

What is the difference between cross-stitch and embroidery, you ask?  Cross-stitch is is made by making tiny crosses, while embroidery uses many different stitches to create the design.  Cross-stitch needles are very dull, because they are not made to go through material, only to come up through the holes in the cloth.  The cross-stitch cloth with those little squares in it is called Aida cloth.  Embroidery needles are sharper, because they need to go through cloth.  Like all needles, both types come in multiple sizes.


Cross-stitch needle
Embroidery needles

I am crocheting now.  What is the difference between crochet and knitting, you ask?  Crochet uses one stick with a hook on the end, while kitting requires two sticks.  Crochet always makes a loop that you work with, while knitting is different.  In crochet you work in rounds or in straight lines, while in knitting you can see that the yarn is worked straight up and down.


Crochet Hooks

            Knitting Needles

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