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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Starting myfitnesspal

Today was a nice day, except for my shower, where I almost had a seizure and Jim had to help out by getting quickly my medication to me.  I decided that in January 2014 my monthly goals are as follows:
  • cook or bake one thing this month
  • lose three pounds
  • do my trigger point releases three to five times a week
  • meditate daily, even if it's for a short time before falling asleep
I think this list is definitely doable, but it will take some work.  As of today I've already started keeping track of what and how much I eat on myfitnesspal on my Kindle; calories, fat, carbs, fiber, etc.  To start with, my goal is 1750 calories a day, though I may drop it.  Right now it's past midnight and I don't plan on eating anymore tonight.  I was under by 421 calories; I had 1329 calories today.  Regardless of the fact that I weight much more than I wish I did, I really don't think I eat a whole lot, though sometimes I really splurge on chocolate.  I need to reign that in, and only eat chocolate tiny bits at time.  I think I can do that.  Regardless, a woman only really needs 1200 calories if she is sedentary (which is me), so I think the 1329 I got today was still acceptable.  I still have that normal constant feeling of guilt like I ate too much today, though.  Of course that's just a calorie count, and not a fiber and fat count.
I am using myfitnesspal on my Kindle

I've been hurting a lot since winter set in.  I've been on Facebook a lot and back on Twitter more often again to keep my mind off the pain.  It's been hard to get back to my pen pals but tomorrow I really want to just try and get through it.  I started on one letter tonight, and think I may be able to get it and another letter done tomorrow, unless my hands are in incredible pain.

After the New Year I want to get in to Occupational Therapy.  I'm a bit worried since our car doesn't always run, but it's really important to me to start it.  I need some type of scissors that is easier for me to hold, and I'm hoping I can learn about that and other stuff that could help me in therapy.

My hands are absolutely killing me, and my Aspercreme isn't helping any, so I'm going to end this now.  

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