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Friday, April 11, 2014

Sharing Germs

Ugh. I'm sick with a cold. DH had it first, then I caught it from him. At least I think it's a cold. I woke up this morning feeling bad with a cough and a really sore throat.  My nose isn't running, though.  I have no idea if I have a fever, because we don't own a thermometer.  I'm pretty sure it's just a cold, though.  DH still has his cold still, and he's still coughing a lot.  I don't usually get sick, but DH gets sick easy and passes the germs to me.  Only when that happens I get sick.

Right now I'm getting ready to watch South Park with my sweetie.  The kitty girls are all asleep, and only Sterling is walking into the living room every few minutes.  Most of the night he's been following DH everywhere, and howling when DH is out of site.  He's such a sweet baby, and he's so attached to his Daddy he can't bare to be away from him.  I have the most awesome family: DH, Sterling, Niki, Katya, and me.  

Me this past Christmas with my Eric Cartman doll that DH got me

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