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Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Today we celebrate celebrating the Earth and how to save her before it's too late. In Greek mythology, the Titan Gaia was the personification of Earth. She created not only the Earth, but the whole universe. Her Roman equivalent was Terra. The idea of an Earth Mother stretches across the world, with Phra Mae Thorani as the Earth Mother in Southeast Asia, in the Cook Islands She's named Papa, the Norse call her Frigga, the Celtics called her  Danu, and the Egyptians called her Isis. The Earth itself has inspired many people, over thousands of years, and hundreds of cultures. Even today, we are inspired by her, and so many of us feel the need to protect her from garbage, pollution, and global warming.

It's important to do something for the Earth, whether it's recycling, planting trees, or making a compost pile. If you are able to bike to work instead of drive, do it. Or maybe you can walk to work instead. These options have the added benefit that they're a great way to stay in shape. I drink a lot of soda, so we recycle soda cans. I plan on reusing paper again, like I used to. Just make sure you put all recyclables in the appropriate place, for instance there are many types of plastic, and they can't be mixed together. To read a lot more about recycling, visit RecycleBank. If you take part in their learning exercises you'll score points to get free things, like magazine subscriptions. 

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