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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reoccurring nightmares and interesting blogs

I keep having these nightmares that my sister and I are being held captive.  I know what the nightmares mean, but it doesn't mean they are stopping.  I dream that we are held captive.  I'm starting to have a panic attack just writing about the nightmares.

...Okay, panic attack over.  I have a lot to do today, I want to do research and write an entry on another blog I have, and I want to write back my pen pals.  I owe a lot of them letters.  I also want to crochet, but I think adding that to my "to do" list would be a bit delusional, considering my hands are already in a lot of pain.  I really want to talk to my best friend today online, and I can't do that if my hands hurt too bad to type.  Unfortunately, I've had a lot of days like that in the last few weeks.  That's the main reason I've been falling so far behind on my blogs, and my letters to my pen pals.  It hurts really bad to crochet, but sometimes I can stand the pain--just not often.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hurts my hands! (This really is my hand, and it's very swollen.)

I've got a lot of pain in my hips today, and aspirin and my regular meds are just not cutting it. The pain is still pretty severe, but I can walk, though it hurts like hell. As I'm fond of saying...pain sucks big green donkey balls!

I wanted to put together a hodge podge mix of blog entries I've enjoyed reading this week. Some of them are from spoonies, some of them aren't. Some of them were written this week, some weren't.

Felicia Fibro: IMAK Arthritis Gloves & Pill Bottle Review

Enjoy reading!


  1. Can you post a picture with you wearing all your braces and finger splints you have?

  2. Every time someone reaches out to shake my hands, I hide them because they hurt so much. I grew up in NYC where people really shake the heck out of your hands and I don't feel like spraining something today (or any day) because of an ethusiastic hand shaker. I am also a spoonie, friend, EDS zebra, fibro chick, ex-Catholic (now Jewish) and 32 year old. Not amazingly, we have many of the same other conditions aside from IBS. Thank you so much for your blog.


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