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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot days, pain days, and ginger tea

I'm hurting so bad and trying so hard not to cry right now.  The pain is the worst in my back, shoulders, neck, jaw, hands, elbows, and hips, with, of course, my entire legs and feet in pain in constant pain.  It feels like a chore to hold my head up, even.  I can barely think I'm in so much pain, and it's only getting worse.  I've been taking the quick dissolve Bayer Aspirin, but not noticing any difference in my pain levels, in fact they are getting worse.  I'm also feeling dizzy and weak today, but not as bad as yesterday.  Yesterday I had trouble walking from the dizziness.  Stupid POTS!  Stupid EDS!  Stupid fibromyalgia!

I have a heat pad on my back now and it is hot.  It's still about 100 degrees outside, too.  it's been well over 100 for quite awhile now.  My car doesn't have air conditioning, either.  I don't get out much, but DH does, and I worry about him always in this heat.  This is a very, very hot and dry summer, though we finally got some rain today, hence the worse joint pain.

My bipolar is doing better, thankfully.  I haven't been manic or depressed for about a week now.  It's nice to not be depressed.  Usually I am at a low-grade depression for my "normal," and it often swings into a deeper depression.  My anxiety has been better for the last two days, too.  DH has been really stressed and sick feeling, so I think my anxiety is less because I'm helping him.  It's kinda like how you may be afraid of storms, but when you are taking care of your kids during a storm, you swallow your fear because your number one concern is your family.

I must say, I've been getting loads of reading done lately and it is really nice.  I really miss reading when I don't get to.  I am going to be applying to grad school after the first of the month, when I can afford the application fee of $50.  The deadline is technically August 1st, but most schools let you in after the deadline if they aren't full yet.  I hope I can still get in.  I wanted to apply in June, but we just didn't have the money.  That reminds me...I did fill out my FAFSA already, didn't I?

My sweetie is making me some ginger tea for my pain.  You'd be amazed at how wonderful ginger tea works!  It takes like ass (if you don't like ginger, I don't), but it kicks ass when it fights your pain.  If you'd like to know more about ginger root tea for pain relief, look no further!

Ginger root tea for pain relief:

Ginger root tea for pain relief

Buy a ginger root in the produce section of the grocery store. Then slice off some thin slices of ginger root and pour boiling water over it to make ginger tea. When my DH makes this for me he slices off quite a few pieces, pours water over it, and put it in the microwave to boil. The tea isn't bad tasting, and if you like ginger you will find it enjoyable. If you don't like ginger, try adding a few Splendas to sweeten the tea. This one I had DH help me take a picture of, with a garnish of ginger root on the side of the cup and the ginger root itself is on the saucer so that you can see what it looks like.

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