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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

January 2011 Goal

As I believe I've mentioned before, I am doing monthly goals rather than a year long one New Year's resolution. I think I will be more likely to finish it then.  I will be doing one year long goal again, which will be the same as last year's; to read 75 books and document them.  I have decided what I want January 2011's goal to be.  I want to:

Write (1) hour daily and body movement (2) times a week.

Writing for one hour each day will not include blogging, but writing either for professional reasons or writing to hone my craft, so to speak.  I want to get exercise in that gets my body moving.  Right now I'm not looking so much for aerobic exercise; for one reason I can't physically do it.  Some ideas for body movement include: cleaning on days I'm able to, riding the stationary bike for up to (5) minutes, yoga, walking Wal-Mart with my cane instead of a scooter...the list goes on.  I want to build my body up stronger in this upcoming month.  If you remember, yoga is easy for me and probably a lot of EDSers because we are so stretchy.

I want to write for an hour each day because I really want to start doing a little big of freelance writing.  One of the ladies I really look up to, Linda Lowen, the guide for's Women Issue's site is a writer.  I think it is important for each writer to have someone she or he looks up to as a writer.  I look up to JK Rowling, but Linda is much more approachable than JK Rowling.

I'm afraid that if I don't start writing then I'll lose some of the abilities I currently have.  By the way, please do not judge my writing abilities by my recent posts.  I am in an EDS, fibro, and ME/CFS flare and I think it is incredible I can so much as string a sentence together right now.

I really think the goal of getting movement in is better than a goal of say "I'm gonna lose weight this year."  That is too vague and it is a lofty goal if one expects to keep losing weight the entire year long.  Well I do believe I'm going to end this now.  If I don't write again by then, Happy New Year.


  1. Good luck with your goals for the New Year.... Inshallah, you will reach them all!!

  2. I love this idea and think I will steal it! Changing goals each month will go well in combination with my hopes of physical rehabilitation. It is my hope to gradually build strength and improve my health after spending so much of this past year on bedrest.

    I'm glad I have found your blog, I am sure following your journey will inspire me on mine! Best of luck :-)


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