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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Seizures of a Different Type

I had a really bad seizure today that scared me a lot.  It was different that other seizures.  I was catatonic for awhile before seizing and then catatonic for awhile after seizing.  I mean it felt different than usual.  I only had a  few seconds as an aura before I started feeling bad.  I'm still not feeling that well now, but I'm waiting up for our late dinner.  We are having the frozen lasagna that you can stick in the oven for 75 minutes or whatever.

I was going to go back to grad school online because I thought DH wanted me to so that we could get extra student loan money leftover.  Tonight he told me he wants me to do what I want to do. He said that he doesn't want me to do anything that I don't wan to.  So I'm not going to grad school!  I'm so excited!!

I invite you to celebrate with me! Do a little jazz walk saying "No grad school, yeah! No grad school, yeah!"  I really don't think I could handle being a full-time or even part-time student mentally right now.  I'm getting hungry, it's past 11 pm. Well I wanted to blog a quick little here she is! Good night dears. 

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