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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Monday! Let's do our ABCs!

– Available: Only to my sweetie. ;-)
– Age: 30
– Animals: Cats and dogs.

Beer: Eww.
Best friends: Om, Mandy, Vanessa, Michelle.
Body Part on opposite sex: I usually go for the same sex, DH is the opposite sex though, and I love his eyes and shoulders.  But that's just him.  Same sex is eyes, face...and what's a nice way of saying I like boobs?
Best feeling in the world: Love.
Best weather: Blue sky, fluffy white clouds, slight breeze, about 75 degrees,  I love looking at the puffy white clouds and making out shapes in them.
Been in Love: Yes, still am.  ;-)
Been on stage: Yes.  It was nerve wracking.  It was just as bad to be a shot put thrower.  Everyone was looking at me, it was like I was on a little stage all by myself.  I was fine until halfway through my second season until I realized everyone was looking at me.  After that it all went downhill and I didn't ever do a third season, but that's not the only reason.
Believe in Magic: Of course.  ;-)  
Believe in Santa: I believe in the spirit of joy and giving that Santa represents.
Brand: Clothes: Kmart.  They have great prices and the clothes always fit so good (except that really, really cheap brand-it sucks).


Candy: Chocolate...dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts, or peanuts...
Color: Pink.  Pink and brown, actually.
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate!
– Chinese/Indian/Italian: Chinese food.  DH and I go to this little place about ten minutes from our house.  They are really cheap and the food is really good.  I hope that's a good thing.
– Cake or pie: Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Are you noticing a chocolate trend?
Cheese: I love it!  Especially sharp cheddar, baby swiss, provalone, and of course, chocolate cheesecake.


Day or Night: Nighttime.
Dancing in the rain: Yes!  I don't know if I could dance now, but I loved doing it when I could.  :-)


Eyes: Hazel green/blue/brown.  That's a picture of my real eyes below.
Ever failed a class?: Yes, I didn't withdraw from the class formerly because I didn't know I was supposed to, so all my grades dropped to Fs.  :-(
Enemies: All former abusers.  I hate them all.
Exercise: Alas, no.


First thoughts waking up: If DH is in bed my first thought is to kiss him, if he's not in bed when I wake up my first thought is, where is DH?
Food: I like it as much as any normal person.  Except chocolate.  I really, really love chocolate.  That's why I'm trying really hard to stay away from it.  

Greatest Fear: Something happening to DH.  After that one, my greatest fear is lupus...what it does to my friends mainly.  I think I'd be more scared to get a lupus diagnosis than a cancer diagnosis, not that I want either!!!
Get along with your parents: No, no, no.  The Order of Protection I have against them is expired, and there is no way I'm getting within 100 miles of them ever again.

Hair Color: Light brown.
Happy: Sometimes.
Holiday: My favorite holiday is Christmas! 

Ice Cream: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and brownie chunks.  Hiland makes it and it's called Chocolate Brownie Fudge.

Jewelry: I don't wear any on a regular basis.  When I do wear jewelry it's my Medic Alert necklace.
Job: Kittymommy.

Kids: I want one in the near future.
Kickboxing or karate: The only thing I know about them is the Karate Kid did karate and Tae-Bo is a form of kickboxing.
Keep a journal?: I have all my life, but not so much since I haven't been able to hand write.  

Love: Love makes life worth living.
Laughed so hard you cried: I can't remember the last time, but I've done it.

- Milk flavor: Skim in my cereal, otherwise the milk has to be in something, i.e. cheese or yogurt, for me to ingest it.  I do like vanilla and chocolate (of course!) soy milk, though.
Movies: My all-time favorite is probably Napoleon Dynamite.
Motion sickness: I get very nauseated in the car sometimes, but don't throw up.

Number: 3, 16.  When I was a little girl my Daddy used to sing me "Sixteen Candles," and 16 has been my favorite number since then.

One wish: For my family (DH, me, our future child) to be safe, healthy, and happy.

Perfect Pizza: Imo's St. Louis style pizza with sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, onion, and extra cheese.
Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi Max (it's diet pepsi with loads of extra caffeine)
Perfume/Cologne: I really like Burberry Body.

Quail: Um, do you mean have I ever been quail hunting?  No, I haven't, but my dad used to go.

Reason to cry: Just about any strong emotion makes me cry.
Reality T.V: Trashy.
Radio Station: Pandora and AOL Radio.

Song: "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock.
Shoe size: 10, in some shoes it is a 10 wide.  
Salad Dressing: Vinaigrettes.
Skinny dip: If I had the chance.
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.
Sport: I like to watch "kitty boxing."  Kitty boxing is when the cats are playing and tumbling over each other.  It's so adorable!
– Sex: Female.

Tattoos?: No. The idea of it being there permanently when I may not want it later makes me say no.  The only tattoo I would consider is Togy's name on my ankle with some small feminine design.
Thunderstorms: I hate them when I'm home alone, and they aren't much better when DH is here.  I hate thunderstorms.

Unpredictable: Not really, but my moods sure as hell are.  Thank you, bipolar.

Vacation spot(s): England, Wales, Ireland, and Australia are my dream vacation spots.

Hadrian's Wall - I want to go here so bad!

Weakness: I'm very sensitive.
Who makes you laugh the most: DH and the cats.  Next would be my friends on Twitter.  ;-)
Worst Weather?: Ice storms.

X-Rays: My hand, I don't remember which one, though.  I couldn't get my finger back in after over an hour of trying and it was really painful, so I went to the ER.  I ended up getting it back in myself, but they still insisted on X-Rays.  When I got my X-Ray I did the whole "flying bird sign" thing.  It's a neat trick that EDS affords me.  I'm not supposed to do it, but it looks so cool when I do funky stuff with my hands.  That is probably why my hands are getting worse.  I thought I'd get to see my X-Rays and I thought that would look cool, without disturbing the information the doctor needed.  I didn't get to see the X-Rays, though.  :-(

-Year it is now: 2012.
-Yellow: The closest yellow thing to me is my yellow highlighter.

Zoo animal: Zebras!

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  1. Wow, we have quite a few things in common... Like, ummm... Yay BOOBS! But we differ on one point... I LOVE thunderstorms. I would happily sit in the rain all day (if it's warm enough) and just listen to the rain and thunder, and watch the lightning... It's the time I feel most at peace.

    Hope you have a lovely day!


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