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Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 1

Day 1: A picture of yourself with ten facts

Here are my ten facts.  I am tying to make them interesting. ;-)

1)  I can put my feet behind my head because EDS makes me a contortionist. 

2)  I love animals a lot more than most people.

3)  My dream is to get better enough to volunteer one day a week.  My fingers are crossed.  I just don't know where I'd volunteer here.  I think it's important to have goals regardless if we can physically meet them.

4)  Christmas is my absolute very favorite holiday and I torture DH all season with holiday music, mainly from the 1940s.

5)  I fly into a murderous rage when someone dog ears my book pages or breaks the bindings.  I believe books should be treated with respect!

6)  I am afraid of the day books are no longer made.  At that point I think I want to die.  I'm serious.

7)  I'm really attracted to a woman with strong shoulders.  That brings me to another one some of you may not know...

8)  I self identify as a lesbian, yet somehow, shortly after coming out, I feel in love with DH in spite of his gender.  DH is my soulmate.  I love him very much, regardless of the fact that he's a man.

9)  In my past life I was a tunnel rat that died in Vietnam.

10)  We have a "cat tree" in our living room.  It used to be the Christmas tree but our kitty with the Buddah belly destroyed it.  We took all the nice ornaments off and she uses it as her biggest cat toy.  We are both wrapped around these two kitties' paws!

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