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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things that *really* piss me off (a list)

Everyone has them-things that really piss them off.  You know the things that make smoke blow out your ears?  This is my list.

1.  People who chew ice in waiting rooms, especially if it is crowded, small, or loud in the waiting room.

chewing ice cubes
Don't chew ice in a waiting room, consider other people!

2.  People who have three screaming brats running around in the store and they say nothing to their children.  Even worse is if you are stuck in a waiting room with them.  Even worse than that is if it is a small waiting room and you are stuck sitting next to them.


3.  People who try to tell me my sexual orientation.  What if I tried to tell you yours?  Do you think that would piss you off?  A sexual orientation is about a lot more than just the act of sex.  It is a lot more complex than that. Know what you are saying before you open your mouth.  Being an LGBT individual involves the way you think, interact with people, see the world around you, your perspective on life, etc. Again, it does not refer to just the act of sex.  I cannot blog this enough: DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME WHAT MY SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS. That is up to me to decide, not you.  If I choose to share that with someone, I expect respect from that person, and not someone telling me I just don't know my sexual orientation.  If I was rating this list by importance, instead of listing it randomly, this would be the #1 thing that pisses me off the most.  

4.  People who go to the ER for drugs, when I go to the ER for a dislocated joint I am afraid to ask for a freakin' tylenol.  I don't want anyone to think I am trying to get drugs and put me on the drug seekers list.  Instead I just wait and see if they offer anything, which they usually don't.  Why don't they?  Because so many people go for drugs, that's why! 

5.  When people gay bash or bash trans people.  That is a quick way to really piss me off.  Don't do it.

6.  People who defend a rapist, saying "He'd never do that, he can get all the girls he wants."  Rape is often about power, not sex, and if you weren't there, and it wasn't happening to you, then you have no right to judge a rape victim. 

7.   People who don't like animals.  I think there is something wrong with people who don't like animals.  Seriously, they are missing something very important.

8.  When I'm really into a movie and the mommy dies, I cry.  Why would you even make a movie where a mommy dies?

9.  People who don't let their dog give them kisses.  Why do you even have a dog then?

10.  Anyone who is ever mean to DH.  Ever.  Let me make that my #1 instead.

Me & DH

11.  My relatives, well most of them, anyway.

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