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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What is dysautonomia?

autonomic nervous system

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System
Autonomic Nervous System

POTS is the form of dysautonomia I have

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Late Review for Phantom Doll I Won, With Apologies to Amaze-ing Hats and Author Laura DeLuca

Back in March, I won a Phantom of the Opera doll in a giveaway on Laura DeLuca's blog, "Laura DeLuca: Author of the Young Adult Novel Destiny."  The doll is handmade to order and sold in the Etsy shop Amaze-ing Hats.

Picture from Amaze-ing Hats' Etsy page

Picture of my Phantom doll

Side view of my Phantom doll.  Can you see his cape?

Close-up of my Phantom doll's face

I promised to write about this Phantom doll giveaway back in March, but I had forgotten all about it.  I offer my sincere apologies to Laura DeLuca.  The crochet stitches in this doll are so neat, tight (but not too tight) and uniform!  I crochet, but I am no where near this good, though I'd love to be someday.  I love the little cape on my Phantom doll.  It's so cute!  I decided to save this doll for my future little one, so I wrapped it in a bag to put it in a tub I store stuff in for our future little one.  (No, I'm not pregnant.)  I have been looking at the doll, trying to figure out how exactly it was made, but my beginner-crocheter mind just can't figure it out.  I really like the Phantom doll and definitely recommend buying something from Amaze-ing Hats.  Some of my other favorite items on Amaze-ing Hats' Etsy site are:

Amaze-ing Hats Cookie Monster Inspired Hat & Mittens  - Made to Order 

Amaze-ing Hats Personalised Doll - Made to Order

Amaze-ing Hats R2D2 Inspired Hat (Great Detail) - Made to Order

Amaze-ing Hats Zebra Hat - Extra Fleece Hat Inside  - Made to Order 

"Laura DeLuca: Author of the Young Adult Novel Destiny" offers giveaways on her site on a regular basis.  She has written the books Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, and Phantom, hence the Phantom doll giveaway.  You can find all of these books on Amazon, by following the links given with the title of each book.


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