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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last entry of 2015

In a little less than two hours, 2015 will be over, and we'll enter 2016 with high hopes for a good year. This year hasn't actually been that bad for me, I've definitely had worse years. Christmas this year was wonderful, we were able to give each other presents by saving up and buying the presents slowly started months before Christmas.

I made Armenian Darehats (pronounced ‘dar-ee hots’) bread. It's supposed to bring good luck for the New Year. We also bought a pomegranate, which has also been associated with good luck, especially in the New Year, in Turkey and Mediterranean cultures for centuries. Darehats traditionally have a hidden coin in them, and the person who finds it in their slice is said to have especially good luck and have increased fertility that year. However, DH has a lot of fillings, and said that a coin wrapped in aluminum foil would hurt his teeth, besides the fact that anyone can break a tooth or swallow the coin. That made a lot of sense, so I left the coin out.

The one in the roaster oven was a bit dry, but I think I cooked it too long. Next time I'll add more liquids to it and not cook it as long.

Happy New Year dear readers!

Darehats made in the roaster oven
Darehats made in the roaster oven

Darehats made in my slow cooker


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