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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paddling on by...where IS that place?

Well Tuesday I didn't get to go to water therapy. We are so broke right now that we had to return the espresso maker to Wal-Mart to have the gas money to get to therapy. While my fiance was in Wal-Mart I called the Physical Therapy department at the hospital and they told them we'd be ten minutes late. So once we got on the road (the place where water therapy is held is a bit out of town) we couldn't find it. We drove and drove and finally I called again asking them for better directions. She told me that the therapist had waited half an hour and left. Dammit. I had realized how long we'd been searching for this place. So on the way back from the middle of nowhere we thought we slow down and find it so it would be quicker Thursday. We still didn't see it. Now I have three options: to believe that Jim and I are blind, that the place doesn't exist (or at least in this dimension), or the lady can't give directions to save her life. I'm hoping that it's the third one. So tomorrow I see both therapists. I see the psychological therapist (she's a MSW) around noon and the water therapist later that afternoon. I'd say busy day so I'll get some sleep but I know that isn't true...I just started a new book! :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lightbox: a box with lights in it

This morning I woke up in PAIN.  Yup, the all caps, bold print kind of pain.  Right now I'm sitting in my desk chair with the vibrating chair pad over it.  It always seems like while it helps, the bumps in it also hurt.

Friday night was a bad night for me.  Since the it gets dark earlier than it did my Seasonal Affective Disorder is kicking into overdrive.  I'm not sure if that has to do with the paranoia and fear I had Friday, but I will have to ask my pdoc about it.  I'm supposed to be getting up at seven o'clock in the morning and using my lightbox for an hour.  Seven o'clock is really early when I can't sleep until one o'clock in the morning on a good night.  On a bad night if I fall asleep I do around four or five in the morning.

For those who are not familiar with a lightbox, mine is literally a wooden frame (box) with bulbs in it.  Hence, a lightbox is exactly what it sounds like.  It is used in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Mine puts our 10,000 lux, and from what I understand it is a very good lightbox.  I sit about twelve inches away from it and either stare toward the bottom or I read a book with the book and my eyes at such a position that I'm still getting the light into my eyes.  It does give me a headache, but it also really helps with the S.A.D.  It has a warning on it to not wear sunglasses while using it.  That warning is for the same people that need instructions on deodorant to apply daily and on the Pill to tell them it doesn't protect against HIV and other STDs.

So, I've taken two pain pills, half a muscle relaxer, some Excedrin, and am on the vibrating cushion chair.  My shoulders are really sore as I awoke with one subluxated, which means that the joint was partially dislocated.  Dislocations and subluxations are common with Hypermobility type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  As I mentioned before I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Syndrome, but it is suspected that I have Hypermobility Type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (HEDS).

To explain about HEDS I'm going to add a quote from Wikipedia's article on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

"The major signs and symptoms [of HEDS] include:
Loose, unstable joints that are prone to: sprains, dislocations, subluxations (partial dislocations), and hyperextension (double jointedness)
Flat feet
High and narrow palate, usually resulting in dental crowding
Easy bruising
Velvety-smooth skin
Muscle weakness, often made worse by cold weather
Early onset of osteoarthritis (usually develops in mid-30s)
The pain associated with this condition is a serious complication."

With each one of my blogs I'd like to mention another great blog.  Today I'm going to suggest Girl Interrupted - A life with fibromyalgia.  This blogger, Dreamweaver, has a fibromyalgia blog with a sense of humor.

Until next time, your own Lady of the Ozarks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Introduction and useful links

I guess I'd better introduce myself first.  My name is Amy and I am a Survivor.  

I am a chronic pain survivor.  I deal daily with chronic pain that is often completely debilitating.  I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility Syndrome, which is possibly Hypermobility Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  Today I visited the physical therapist for an evaluation.  He said that if I started out in the PT room we'd be doing more harm than not.    So...I am going to do water therapy until my joints are strong enough to use out of the pool.  Yay!  I'm very excited to finally get to do this.  

I am mental illness survivor.  I have the diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  That means that while everyone has ups and downs in life, mine are extreme to the point where the greatly interfere with my life.  Working for years at it, my bipolar is pretty much under control, though I tend to be depressed.  

I am an abuse survivor.  I have been emotionally, physically, and sexually abused in my life.  

I am incredibly honest and I welcome comments.  My blogs will usually be longer, but today I just wanted to introduce myself a bit and to post some great links.

These links are to websites, blogs, and youtube channels that explain all of these better than I could.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Symptoms due to collagen disorder

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Mayo Clinic

What Is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

EDS: Ehlers-Danlos Support Group

HMSA The Hypermobility Syndrome Association

NIAMS Fibromyalgia

National Fibromyalgia Association

Fibromyalgia Mayo Clinic Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Pain

My Life with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Our Journey with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome -> Tammy's Story

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-Deal With It

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