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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bipolar crocheter

DH (dear husband) and I both woke up last night and this morning bathed in sweat.  I've napped today and woke up like that again.  Strangely enough, it's kinda chilly in here and the air conditioner has been on, since it's so hot outside.
Bipolar Disorder: Peace, Love, Cure

My bipolar has been giving me crap lately.  I've been rapid cycling for days, and I hate it.  Rapid cycling is defined here, and in layman's terms here.  I think sometimes people with depression might think that it's much more fun to be bipolar than just depressed.  I can only answer for my situation, but my depressions are severe, my manics take me from euphoria to psychosis (I cannot stress enough how scary it is), and my "normal" is a low to medium grade depression.  People with bipolar have a higher suicide rater than people with just depression.  I am not trying to say that people with depression have it easy, or that people with depression can't have severe depression, they most certainly can, I'm just saying while it sucks to have depression, it also sucks to have bipolar.  I brought up this topic because I used to be very involved in a mental illness organization as a teacher, group leader, speaker, and office administrator.  I was a volunteer there, and I am so glad I had those years of experience.  I just remember sometimes the people I knew at that organization would tell me I'm lucky to have bipolar, and it angered me, saddened me, embarrassed me, and showed me that people obviously didn't know how much bipolar sucks.  Fortunately, since I left that organization (because I moved away) I haven't ran into anyone who has said that to me.  Again, I am not trying to say people with just depression have it easy, I'm just saying that those people had no freakin' idea how much bipolar SUCKS, it isn't fun.  

I lost my freakin' wrist braces somewhere and can't find them.  I found two old ones, but they are both for the left hand.  DH and I have looked everywhere we can think of, but still, no wrist braces.  So, it's hard for me to talk online or to type much.  

Earlier this month, I ordered the ergonomic crochet hooks I'd been wanting from Amazon.  They were a birthday present.  They are Provo Craft Crochet Tools.

Provo Craft Crochet Tools I Medium Crochet Hook

The two pieces of plastic weren't lined up correctly in the trigger handle, and the way you had to hold it is very uncomfortable.  It is also cheaply made.  I'm going to try one from this list next.

I've been trying to catch up on all the many blogs I'm behind on, but it's a lot of reading.  I am subscribed to a lot of blogs, though a good many of them don't have regular entries.  Well, I do believe I'm going to try and get caught up on my blog reading, and do some entries in my other blogs.  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather, though I know us POTSies probably aren't.  I'm not, anyway.  I am so thankful for air conditioning!

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