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Thursday, August 23, 2012

They come in threes

Thankfully, my flare is over.  I'm getting over the strep throat, and now I've caught a cold.  I'm on day two of the cold.  It seems like I can't catch a break!  Bad things always come in threes.  I tried to get a picture of my throat when the strep was at its worst, but I kept getting blurry pictures.  I found a picture online, though, that looks exactly what my throat looked like.  It is still very sore and swollen feeling, though I haven't looked at it today to know what it looks like.

According to WebMD, strep throat goes away with or without antibiotics within three to seven days, unless there are complications.  I don't have a primary care physician and I don't want to overuse antibiotics, so I was fine with letting it run it's course.

Niki and Sterling have been cuddling on their Daddy's lap a lot tonight.  It's so very cute.  I found another of Niki's stashes.  She's a little klepto-kitty, and makes stashes of toys and things she steals.  This one was mainly bottle lids, which we give her to play with.  She absolutely loves playing with them, whether they are lids from milk jugs, soda bottles, or Powerade bottles.

I'm having a problem staying awake again.  I'm so exhausted all of the time, and find myself falling asleep no matter what I'm doing.  I end up sleeping all the time.  Last time this happened, I got more of all the vitamins I've run out of, and after a week or so I was back to myself again.  Right now all I'm taking is Vitamin D and a multi, because I'm out of everything else.  So on the first, we will buy some more vitamins for me, and hopefully that will help things.  It pisses me off when people think I must be having fun sleeping all the time.  I am missing life, it is passing me by, while I am sleeping or groggy.  It's not fun.  I can't get anything done at all.  Now my list of things I need to do is piling up, and I'm getting anxiety about it.  I wish I could stay awake.  I try so hard.  The last time this happened I was afraid I had narcolepsy until I looked at the symptoms, and fortunately did not have the majority of them.  When it gets this bad I tend to fall asleep in the shower, so when I shower DH has to check on me every couple of minutes to make sure I haven't fallen (or fallen asleep).  The first is a long way off it seems.  Today is just the 23rd.

All the discussion in the news about what constitutes a "legitimate rape" has been causing me a lot of flashbacks to my own rape.  I was in shock afterwards and can't imagine how I would have handled being 16 and pregnant with the child of my rapist.  Thankfully, that didn't happen, but not all women and girls are so lucky.

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