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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Depakote Side Effects Number Three and Four

My Depakote ER has not only caused incredible thirst, sleepiness, and fatigue, but now I have two more expected side effects. I'm now hungry all the time and my dizziness is way worse than usual. I fall nearly every time I get up from dizziness from my Depakote and dysautonomia at one the same time. While my POTS makes me dizzy most of the time, this is way more dizziness than I usual experience. I've been falling asleep all day long while sitting up. I'm so, so sleepy and dizzy! I'm so hungry all the time my stomach hurts and all day I've been thinking of food. I haven't experienced hunger of this size since my mid-twenties when I was on Depakote and Zyprexa. I have to reign in those strong urges to eat, or I'll gain a lot of weight, like I have other times while on Depakote. I did eat an ice cream cone, so no more ice cream, chocolate, cake, pie, or anything until next Saturday, and then I can eat one sweet. I need to start exercising on my recumbent bike again, there's no excuse not to, even if I'm in pain or depressed.

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