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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One down!

I'm so excited!  Now that we aren't a freaking free hotel anymore (say "freaking free hotel" three times fast!) we are getting on with our lives.  We are able to finally pay down our bills, since we aren't supporting other people.  We almost have enough to pay off our eBay bill!  It will be so nice to have the eBay bill paid off because then we can sell things on it to pay off other bills.  I've got a mental list, and a few physical lists somewhere around here, of the bills we have to pay off.  It feels amazingly good to wake up on a morning like this.  It's warm with a breeze outside and nice and cool inside.  The kitties are playing and napping.  Later Jim and I are going to pull the dead leaves from my Morning Glory vines.  I have plans to clean the kitchen today.  Oh, and did I mention we almost have eBay paid off now??? :-D

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