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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No-sew fleece throw for my best friend

Before my best friend's surgery earlier this year I made her a no-sew fleece throw.  I was so excited that she loved it.  I thought I'd show how to make it to my readers.

First, obtain two pieces of fleece.  You will use one piece of fleece on each side.  You can use two different designs or the same on both sides.  I bought 3 yards of each, but I had quite a bit leftover.  I suggest cutting your material at 2 or 2 1/2 yards for an adult size fleece throw.  After you cut your pieces, pin them together, with the good side facing out.  The throw is going to be cozy and reversible when you are done.

I bought a zebra pattern and pink with zebra pattern for my throw
Next, cut out a square on each corner of the material.  The square should be 3" by 3".  Discard the squares, you will not need them.  After that, measure out every 1" or so and make a 3" cut.  You will have fringe on all sides of the material.  
I cut each piece of fringe about 1" wide and 3" long
Tie each fringe into a double knot.  You are tying the top piece of material and the bottom piece of material together.  Be careful not to tie it up so tight that the throw bunches up.
I began tying the two sides of fringe together
You will end up with a double sided blanket, with fringe around the outside.  It's soft, warm, and cozy, and makes a great gift!
Double sided throw - zebra side up

Double sided throw - pink with zebras side up

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