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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behind the Blogger Challenge Day 25

•Day 25- What I would find in your bag

Purses, purses, purses!

  • Personal Calendar for 2012
This is filled mostly with doctor appointments

  • My wallet (which is kinda funny since I have no cash, credit, or ATM cards  lol)

It doesn't show the dust in the wallet

  • Spare OTC meds (tylenol, rolaids, cough drops)

cough, cough

  • Medical Power of Attorney DH (darling husband) and I have on each other

Not exactly what my purse looks like, though

  • Tampons and other such items

You know, all "that stuff"

  • Small notebook that I put writing ideas in

My note book, a few post-its, and my calendar 

  • Post-Its

What would the world do without Post-Its anyway?

  • Rosary  (though I'm no longer Catholic I still carry a Rosary at all times)


  • Catholic Prayer cards  (I also carry prayer cards everywhere still)

Our Lady of Mental Peace

  • Sterling's two "mousies" he ripped the tails off of, so I always have something of Sterling's with me

Sterling's "mousies"

  • Key Chain
    • personalized Elvis keychain
    • my state keychain
    • Graceland charm
    • Ophelia's dog tag and the charm she had on her collar
    • a keychain I received for an honor at my college I got my undergrad at
    • a Peru keychain from my pen pal in Lima, Peru
    • tags from 

Peru keychain from pen pal in Lima, Peru

Personalized Elvis keychain from Graceland

  • Spare keys

I carry so many keys!

  • Sweet Vanilla Cream Antibacterial Hand Lotion

Antibacterial Hand Lotion

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