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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Holy Smokes Batman!

I looked at my stats on my blog today.  A lot of the links to my blog are from my very awesome friend's blog, Mama Sick.  I noticed today that since I last checked a lot of the old Google searches that led to my blog aren't there anymore.  I'm glad!  Last time I looked there were four or five Google searches for "hand job" that led to my blog.  This is the first time I've ever said the words "hand job" on my blog.  Why on earth would that lead to my blog?

Some of the other words that people searched for and came to my blog are: sister, the l word, female genital mutilation, thunder and lightning, bullying, the l-word, female genital diagram, mayo clinic lupus symptoms, bullied girl, bullying emotions.

Of my all-time stats "referring URLs" Danielle's blog Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-Deal With It has sent 222 people my way.  I love Danielle's blog.  Mama Sick has sent 39, and twitter has sent 206 people my way.  (Yay twitter!)  One of my favorite blogs A Day in the Life of a Freg, sent 38 people my way.  Feminste has sent 26 my way.  On the all-time "referring sites," Google has sent 1, 074 people my way.  On referring sites Mama Sick has sent 99 people my way.  I'm not sure what the difference is between referring URLs and referring sites.  Either way, thanks Mama Sick!  Facebook sent 209 and Networked Blogs sent 194.  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-Deal With It on referring sites has sent 260 people my way.  Thank you Danielle!

I think networking is really awesome.  I recently put a blog list on my blog to both drive other readers to blogs that are really worth it, and to help those bloggers of those awesome blogs get more traffic.  So go check out my blog list.  You'll find some awesome blogs with a variety of topics.  Happy reading!

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